About Us
What's in a name?
The name CodeFighter was chosen as a play on the names gunfighter, prizefighter, or firefighter.  To us, it represents a person who has special talents to do a job that you may not otherwise want to do yourself.

Using the 'hired gun' approach, our goal is to get in, do our job in a complete and professional manner, and leave the client with all the needed documentation, instructions, and knowledge to eliminate the need for any further services with CodeFighter.

Why would we want to eliminate the need for our services?  The most important reason is that we do want to be asked back, but because our service was excellent, not because we left behind some obscure and unmanageable nightmare of a project.

Who are we?
The type of technical person you want to hire.  The type that can still get excited discussing a COM collection interface for cross-environment development, after over a decade of coding experience.  Not just a gear head, but someone with enough experience to also communicate well with both end users and in-house technical staff to insure a smooth development process.  Someone who cares enough about quality and design to do the job right, without suffering from 'analysis paralysis'.

What's important to us?
Quality.  Happy clients. Quality. Proper use of technology.  Quality. Puppies. Quality.

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